Difference between Shuttering Plywood or Commercial plywood.

SHUTTERING PLYWOOD (Red Film Faced Plywood):

  1. Used for:  Making molds in construction work for pouring concrete.
  2.  Strength: Strong and tough to handle the weight and pressure of wet concrete.
  3.  Surface: Smooth surface to help concrete set evenly.
  4.  Water Resistance: Resists moisture to prevent damage from wet concrete.
  5.  Durability: Designed to be used multiple times for concrete jobs.


  1. Used for: Specially designed for woodworking projects like furniture.
  2. Strength: Good for regular uses but not as tough as shuttering plywood.
  3. Surface: Smooth enough for finishing furniture.
  4. Water Resistance: Some resistance but not as much as shuttering plywood.
  5. Durability: Works well for normal wood projects but may not withstand concrete pouring.

Conclusion - Shuttering plywood is tough for concrete jobs, while commercial plywood is better for general woodworking and furniture.


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