Which Shuttering Plywood is better & Suitable according to your budget and will give you a high repetition?

AK PANELS PVT. LTD is leading Shuttering Plywood Manufactures in India.  Owing to our competitive rates and ability to fulfill the requirement of customers and provide delivery as soon as possible. Shuttering Plywood is highly densified Fil faced plywood with smooth mirror finish on both sides of the plywood.

The primary use of this type of plywood is for cement form-work during construction. AK PANELS PVT. LTD takes to order in bulk and urgent orders of patron’s at least possible time-period; we have our dealers in every state of India.

Shuttering Plywood is commonly used to make the ceiling, walls, drains, highways, pillars, etc. The main benefit of shuttering plywood is that, it forms a mold which is weather resistant and will not stick to the concrete itself.

If you are looking for best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturer, so try once our (AK PANELS PVT. LTD) shuttering ply, we sure you will never leave our hand because we understand our customers demand and make a high quality shuttering ply which makes your construction perfect.

Everyone knows that higher the density gives more repetitions. A High Densified Shuttering Plywood, can deliver more & more slabs without getting swollen or splitting due to water absorption.

In India the following standard grades are highly demanded, which are also we manufacture at our plant.

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